Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3 great films.

Being unemployed with a lot of time on my hands, I've more or less have turned into a NetFlix whore. I stream the movies more and more now and I'm seriously addicted to a few categories Dark, Foreign, Dramas (stringed together for best results). A couple weeks ago I came into contact with some spectacular tales the simply blew my mind and allowed me to reconnect to myself in a very deep artistic way.

Import/Export (2007)-

Hoping for a better future a nurse in the Ukraine, immigrates to Vienna. A man out of work in Vienna, immigrates to the Ukraine in search of his dreams. Each finds success and failure in their own way, but neither gets what they expect.

I ended up loving both main characters, at the end I felt like I knew them. I loved the cinematography too... something I'd love to own.

Sugisball- (2007)-

Set in Estonia before the fall of Soviet influence. A group of characters ranging from- a writer, an architect, a single mother, her young daughter, a barber and a nightclub doorman make up this collection of people connected by the huge apartment complex they all share (as I remember...)

This one I found to be a little sad but none the less striking and full blown story that can be haunting...... "lost souls who bleakly face the future while reaching blindly for some form of connection."

Antares- (2004)-

Three couples living in the same high-rise apartment complex.

I really loved this one... all three stories are interconnected in a very slick way... very inspiring artwork.

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